Cobra Canoa

A learning journey about crossing boundaries

Dates September 29th - October 8th, 2019
Locations From Rio de Janeiro along the Costa Verde to São Paulo, Brazil
Number of participants Maximum of 20 people
Format Curated, self-organized and play-based learning experience
Key words systemic change | learning societies | regenerative models | social innovation | value creation

Humanity is undergoing an intense transformation. Regeneration of our planet beyond the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and collaboration among people from all around the world are needed. We invite a dedicated group of exceptional and trusted decision makers to manifest practical solutions.

We seek to evolve our collective capacity for learning as a whole. Hop on Cobra Canoa to regenerate our planet by collaborating beyond organizations and cultures.

You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
— Buckminster Fuller

About Cobra Canoa

In September/October 2019 a group of students, educators, indigenous leaders and conscious investors from different parts of the world will travel through Brazil, engaging in innovative and regenerative initiatives. We will visit and learn from transformative and alternative educational experiences.

Our participants, among them young leaders of the indigenous Xucuru nation from the North of Brazil and an international learning community, will document their learning experiences in short videos. It is a collective call to come together and listen to Mother Nature. Let’s offer each other stories full of hope and inspiration.


What is in it for you?

  • EXPERIMENT how to create impact beyond traditional paths and investments the emerging future. You are entering a new world by becoming aware of old paradigms and mentalities that are no longer needed;

  • MEET and COLLABORATE with a new generation of thought leaders and upcoming game changers. EXPERIENCE how to set up exponential projects while building communities of change.

  • ENHANCE your impact of your foundation, group or collective through the opportunity of a cutting-edge learning experience with indigenous leaders, traditional communities, systemic entrepreneurs and visionary investors.


What would you do during the best 10 days of your life?

  1. To bring together leaders of a new generation while creating exponential projects by working in networks

  2. To run a kickass social media campaign through recording our collective learning experience

  3. To produce a documentary on regenerative models, the transformation of education and collaborative economy

  4. To get sunburned on the most beautiful beaches while listening to stories of fishermen

  5. To develop fair exchanges with traditional communities that benefit participants and collaborators involved. (Let’s plant some trees!)

  6. Fighting mosquitos at night while spiritual guides introduce you to your spirits

  7. To create tangible results applying our learning and to enhance knowledge exchange at a local and global level

  8. To learn what Fejoda is and why Samba actually serves as group therapy

  9. To solve a collective case study with about our climatic break down while developing educational material for the regeneration of the planet

  10. To celebrate life and start envisioning future collaboration projects


Information about the involved projects will follow soon.


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Enhance the impact of your foundation through a cutting-edge learning opportunity with indigenous leaders, visionary educators, system entrepreneurs, and conscious investors while collaborating with trustful partners.

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