The Educator’s Heart


Bring joy and lightness into your life and classroom!


As a teacher, you want to teach with heart and passion. You want to help prepare young people for their world to come. New protocols from management, smaller funds, or just lack of inspiration may be in the way. How to keep education an adventure, rather than following an obligatory program? Let us help you add juice to class, adventure to teaching and strengthen your heart as a teacher.  This program will focus on: How to activate your creativity and take care of yourself! How to help prepare young people for a fast rapidly changing world?

What’s at stake?

This 10-day program addresses the heart of the teacher, touching the hearts of students and our preparing them for our shared future. In order to prepare young people for the world to come, progress going faster and faster, we need our next generation to be adaptive, self energizing and seeking to be a solutionairy for our global problems. We need you as a teacher to be inspiring, sharp and adaptive. Here’s a program made to help you help.



Program Content

How upgrade your approach to teaching? Teaching is a sacred profession, fundamental to human civilization. And whenever you ask people if they fondly remember a teacher who made a huge difference for them, heart stands out. Such heart is expressed as compassion, quality of attention, deep listening, going the extra mile, undying believe in students, challenging gifts to come out, installing courage and believe in self. So heart lies at the centre of our approach.

In our program we focus on making teaching come alive. ,How to make students come alive and shine with their talents. How to keep your own heart alive at school? How to make any lesson into an adventure? How to make information experiential? How to integrate your own interests and questions into the curriculum and enrich your own and the students journey? To answer such questions we’ll mix up styles, approaches, mind sets to find new angles that get you excited, inspired and thrilled to start back at school again.

Our Vision & Approach

This course is dedicated to the wellbeing of yourself in life and in your classroom. There are many challenges on an emotional level you are facing. It can be very helpful to be aware of them and know how to deal with them.

We want to present you some tools you can use to hold the space in the most light, joyful and playful way. We’ll offer space to explore your own creativity and personal challenges. Discover how to use your full potential and enrich your life on a professional and personal level.


Contents of the program:

  • Learn to bring joy, lightness and heartfulness through game and play.
  • Get students thinking about purpose, direction and meaning in our world.
  • And also get more clarity, meaning, purpose and direction for yourself.
  • Discover techniques to create an empowering learning environment.
  • Get to know the Art of Circling and other Process Facilitation Approaches
  • Develop a deeper understanding of emotional patterns and how to react to difficult situations in the classroom (we will work with your personal experiences)
  • Enrich your toolbox with practical exercises and tricks and tips from each other.
  • Get time to relax and explore, be in nature and connect with yourself
  • Learn to prepare yourself daily to become proactive instead of reactive
1 Arrival and shared evening dinner; Opening in the evening Circle
2 The Sacred Profession: Getting to know each other, defining purpose and personal questions Ice breakers, play, Self-development, Art of the Question, Theory behind the program
3 Art of Possibility: why are you the best teacher possible? Benjamin Zander, Mindshift, Heart, the Art of Circling
4 Embodyment: meeting your inner dragon. Bodywork, Storytelling, Self-Development
5 The Fluid Teacher: being teacher and student at the same time Living Lab Approach, Improvisation, Roleplay, Open Space Technology
6 Playification: toolbox ToolBox, both from us and sharing
7 NORMAL LESSONS DAY: This day teachers run their normal program, yet add twist and options integrated during the program. Traditional topics with an added twist or different approach
8 Questions left to address: bringing in the wisdom from the circle Whatever is asked for, fits the occasion/question
9 Ritual of Accomplishment, sharing treasures, proving points, celebrating accomplishments Ritual, Evaluation, Storytelling, Party & dancing
10 Closing Circle, Departure

Carola von Szemerey


Carola dedicates her life to be a bodyworker and facilitator of transformative processes, both on a personal level and in groups. Graduated at Knowmads Alternative Business School she dived deep into the “Changemakers” world and worked and initiated  many different educational projects.  During her training as a Osho Neo Rebalancing Therapist she discovered the importance of being aware and connected to our bodies and feelings. This makes us the conscious main actor of our life. Understanding, feeling and detaching  from unhealthy habits and patterns is the place to start in order to bring lightness and joy to one’s personal and professional life.


Floris Koot


Floris has been trained as theatre and communication teacher. He also studied integral psychology. Floris co-founded three alternative schools, worked on curricula and helped shape new kinds of workshops on topics ranging from personal creativity, social activism to intuition and ‘teach the teacher’ workshops. As innovator he developed games, a new sport, piano lesson method & theatre methods. His teaching style is both lighthearted and focussed. His focus always lies on making things playful, experiential, embodied and seeing beyond the obvious.

Information and details

Date: 15.8-25.8.2018 (10 days)
Location: Netherlands
Your investment: EUR 1.500
Included in the price:

  • Food and Accommodation
  • Workshop and Training
  • Personal Assistance (if needed)

Full Prize Funding: 
We are in cooperation with the Erasmus+ Programm of the the European Union. 
There is a fund available in order to get the complete course for paid! 
For any further questions please contact: