presente! fosters transformative movements.

Our impactful prototypes

We build rapid prototypes and hybrid systems for experiencing transformation. We connect people. We create experiences to promote life-long learning and conscious living. 

Codename EDUonTour We execute learning journeys and editions to new territories in education and ourselves. Collective micro social media campaigns. Focus: Game Design Thinking and Swarm Leadership. Personalized Learning Journey. ContactRoberto Rodriguez

Codename EDUhacks We empower learning projects by triggering collaboration of educators, social entrepreneurs, techies and activists. Hackathons provide a perfect learning on how to create different innovative ways to think and work. Community empowerment event. Contact: Nick van Breda

Codename SOULspaces We build up co-living and co-learning communities all around the world. Safe Spaces for digital nomads and local communities to create new solutions and enjoy a harmonic self-development in conscious communities.  Community Learning Space.
Link SOULspaces Contact Carola von Szemerey

Codename blosm We build a p2p-platform for personal learning networks. For people who want to explore perspectives in new territories. Playful popup learning experiences combined with a holostic view on individual skill matrix. Perzonalized Learning Platform
Link Contact Ivar Troost

Yeah! These are success stories that we like to talk about.

CONANE (2013)

Global Map of Alternative Education Projects (2013)

EU project EiYoU! (2015)

We initiated the 1st national conference for alternative education, in Brazil for 400 participants and 50 alternative education initiatives and education pioneers. CONANE is an ongoing biennial collaborative conference. During the conference the 3rd Brazilian manifest was presented to the Ministry of Education. Following the conference, countless regional meetings took place and the “National Democratic Education Network" was formed

We initiated and contributed to the global online map of alternatives in education of Reevo which showcases alternative education initiatives to the general public. In order to prove that alternative education systems are already in place.

EiYoU! , funded by the European Union, is an education project that is addressing the crisis in Youth Unemployment through creative and innovative ideas.

This project gave us the opportunity to understand the funding and administration principles of large regions. We could test EDUhacks with different age groups and Edu on Tour Youth.