We do not look for answers. We ask questions that matters.


How do we evolve as human species in harmony with nature? How do we trigger union through a conscious use of technology?


We build prototypes and containers for transformation processes in order to experience and to understand patterns and emerging solutions.


Those are stories we want to tell!

Short Documentary and social media campaign: “More than Education”

This documentary series is our take on creating awareness for the shift we are living in. An international group will travel to Brazil with the goal to discover and learn about transformation of education, regenerative ecosystems and collaborative economies.

We are documenting this learning process while exploring initiatives, and systemic entrepreneurs in order to understand more about possibilities that go beyond the 17 UNESCO Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Contact: Philippe Greier

Casa Tukano (House of the Tukano people)


Cultural exchange, spiritual development and honoring nature will build the bridges between indigenous communities and leaders from all around the world.

We help to construct a safe space in which the richness of traditional wisdom and deep connection to our roots will be experienced and shared.

A place to experience ancient solutions and create new ideas in conscious communities. Contact: Naiara Yusy