We do not look for answers. We ask questions that matters.

How do we evolve as human species? How do we create impact through consciouse use of technology? What skills are needed in order to live in harmony in our complex world? We build prototypes for transformation processes in order to define and understand patterns and emerging solutions. Those are the stories that we want to share. 

What stories do we want to tell?

DIY Documentary: More than Education.

This documentary is our take on creating awareness for the shift we are living in. An international group travels to Brazil with the goal to discover and learn about local social innovation. We are filming schools, actors and social entrepreneurs in order to understand more about possibilities that go beyond the traditional education system. 

Contact: Philippe Greier

Book Initiative: EDUshifts The Future of Education is Now!

We see more and more new innovative learning environments and education programs that are preparing us for the uncertainty of life and the future. In this book 16 courageous thought leaders, share their ideas allowing us to see the world in new eyes and lead the way toward a better future.

Contact: Tathyana Gouvêa