The world is our classroom!

Setting up self-organized Learning Communities


  • Leave your classroom and experience what it means to involve the community around you in your learning process. During 10 days we will experience a self-organized environment joining an inspiring learning city.

  • Social Innovation Prototyping

  • Learning by becoming..sustainable and organic learning methods from the heart

What’s at stake?

  • Participants get a clear understanding of self-organized learning process. Creating a space of trust and support. Self-organization cannot be taught but experienced.

  • Changing Role of a teacher: Focus on your personal situation in life. Diving deep within ourselves, finding out what self empowered learning means to us--to me--before working for our evolution.

  • The educator as learner. Get out of routine and get new perspectives on how to set up a SOLE in your school environment. Learn how to involve the local community.

  • The student as teacher. Learning from multiverse participants. Develop initiatives together with other participants and develop them with the local community.

  • Reconnecting to ourselves, our environment, our Mother Nature and everything and everyone else around us, feeling the love that makes us one same energy force. Doing all of this through yoga, outdoor activities, arts

What is our mission? (Our intention for the 10 days)

  • To create a prototype of a learning community with the local municipality - Prototype for EU project

  • Possible Toolkit: We develop a collective Wiki about Learning communities

Information and details

Date: 10 days workshop in August September

  • First choice: Trondheim: Norway (first 10 days of September - 24 participants):
  • Portugal (August/September - 14 participants)

Your investment: EUR 1.500
Included in the price:

  • Food and Accommodation
  • Workshop and Training
  • Personal Assistance if needed

For any further questions please contact: philippe@present-e.org1111