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The Educator’s Heart

Bring joy and lightness into your life and classroom!

15.8.-25.8.2018 /Netherlands

As a teacher, you want to teach with heart and passion. You want to help prepare young people for their world to come. New protocols from management, smaller funds, or just lack of inspiration may be in the way. How to keep education an adventure, rather than following an obligatory program? Let us help you add juice to class, adventure to teaching and strengthen your heart as a teacher.  This program will focus on: How to activate your creativity and take care of yourself! How to help prepare young people for a fast rapidly changing world? more



The world is our classroom!

Setting up self-organized Learning Communities

1.9-10.9.2018 /Portugal or Norway

During these 10 days we will experience the idea of self-organized  learning environments. Discovering aspects of learning cities, neighborhoods, and opening up the classroom for all the wisdom and beauty around us. Self-organization cannot be taught but only experienced. That's why the mission is to create a prototype of a learning community with the local municipality. For this we need to know our strengths and talents. We will work with ourselves and the wisdom of the group to then receive, explore and exchange what is needed to set up this prototype. more